Pearl’s Pork Palace and Other Stories from Flynn’s Crossing

Flynns Crossing is a make-believe community where “people care about you whether you want them to or not.”  Meet Marie, proprietor of the local beauty salon who has a brush with Elvis;  Ervin, who runs for mayor even though the town doesn’t have one;  Lester, a young boy who experiences the harmony and discord of  race relations; and many others each told in the first person by the town’s residents.  Of course, there’s Pearl, a widow whose barbecue café burns down but the loving support of friends and her own insatiable appetite for North Carolina’s greatest culinary gift (plus slaw and hush puppies) persuade her to rebuild. Quintessentially Southern, uniquely North Carolinian, this short-story collection brings to life the amusements, tragedies, friendships, and antics found only in a small Tar Heel town and reacquaints readers with folks many of us already know well—our families, neighbors, friends, and ourselves.
Price:  $14.95 includes tax /S&H