Fried Chicken (and other stuff) Is Bad For You

I just read a newspaper article that reported on a survey that concluded that eating traditional Southern food was bad for your health.  Specifically, it said it leads to a higher risk of stroke.  This was all part of a large-scale effort to look at stroke and a diet of fried chicken, fish, ham, bacon and sweet tea.

I’m probably gonna have a stroke.

I don’t really doubt the accuracy of the survey. Through the years my doctors have been telling me the same thing and I give them a lot more credibility than the conductor of this survey.  First of all, it was done in California, the geographical origin of every weird diet ever conceived.  Secondly, my doctors eat the same thing I do, more or less.  The key word there is less.  Eating too much of anything is bad for you.

The study was done by a nutritional epidemiologist.  I’ll save you the trouble of looking that up like I did.  A nutritional epidemiologist is someone who specializes in the study of nutrition in particular populations— such as Southerners.  I have to assume this study involved more than just Southerners who live in California else it would be a skewed study to start with.  A Southerner who moves to California on his own accord probably has other problems as well.

The survey concluded that, “People who ate Southern food six times a week had a 41% higher risk of stroke, compared with people who ate such food once a month.”  We are supposed to eat 21 meals a week or about 81 meals a month.  What Southerner eats one piece of fried chicken, one piece of fish, one piece of ham, one slice of bacon and one glass of iced tea only one time in 81 meals?  Nobody.

I think I’ll take my chances.

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