Southern Snow Meteorology

Announcement of the approach of the recent snow storm brought about the usual Southern response:  rush to the grocery store and buy all the bread and milk you can haul away.  This is the course of action regardless of the severity of the storm.

Relatively speaking, our storms are usually mild compared to those north of us.  This winter has been a particularly active period which has included blizzards that have stopped activity in even those areas accustomed to a lot of snow.

Meteorologists measure the severity of the snow by the number of inches that accumulated or the damage caused.   However, grocery stores measure by the loaves of bread and gallons of milk sold.

Except this year at one store.

As the predictions for snow accumulations of more than normal filled the airwaves and community grapevine, I went in to get a few items for my wife to do some baking.  She cooks regardless of the weather.  A friend approached me as I was checking out and asked the usual question, “Are you ready for the snow?”

To which I replied, “As ready as I’m gonna be”.

My friend said, “I understand we might get more than originally thought?”

As which point the young lady cashier said, “Oh, Lord, I hope not. We’ll have people fighting over the Beanie Weenies.”

    Only in my Beloved South do we measure storm severity by the sale of Beanie Weenies.

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