Celia Whitfield’s Boy

“Suddenly the room was scorched with light.  I heard a sound like the wind sucking up a chimney. I turned around and through the window I saw a blazing cross ten or twelve feet tall stuck in the middle of my small yard. It lit up the whole street. Lined up behind the cross and stretching down the street was a line of white-robed Klansmen.

I could feel the beat from the burning cross through the open window. I remembered the rally that I had attended with Mr. Blanton. This was a lot more terrifying. This time there was a target for the intimidation, Me.”

In his first novel, the highly regarded southern author, Bill Thompson, has spun a riveting tale of honor, courage, first love and justice set against the authentic historical backdrop of the emerging lumber industry of North Carolina in the early days of the 20th century. Celia Whitfield’s Boy is a gripping story that lingers in the heart and soul of the reader.

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Chasing Jubal

On the flimsy premise of joining his brother to fight beside him in a war he knows nothing about, Jubal Early Simpson takes a journey that challenges and changes his concept of who he is. It is a coming of age story set in the early 1950s in Virginia and North Carolina told by his best friend, Raymond. They meet a diverse cast of fellow sojourners whose personalities will change the boys’ perception of what is real and what is fantasy.

19.95 plus S&H

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Pearl’s Pork Palace and Other Stories from Flynn’s Crossing

Flynns Crossing is a make-believe community where “people care about you whether you want them to or not.”  Meet Marie, proprietor of the local beauty salon who has a brush with Elvis;  Ervin, who runs for mayor even though the town doesn’t have one;  Lester, a young boy who experiences the harmony and discord of  race relations; and many others each told in the first person by the town’s residents.  Of course, there’s Pearl, a widow whose barbecue café burns down but the loving support of friends and her own insatiable appetite for North Carolina’s greatest culinary gift (plus slaw and hush puppies) persuade her to rebuild. Quintessentially Southern, uniquely North Carolinian, this short-story collection brings to life the amusements, tragedies, friendships, and antics found only in a small Tar Heel town and reacquaints readers with folks many of us already know well—our families, neighbors, friends, and ourselves.
Price:  $14.95 includes tax /S&H

Backyards, Bow Ties and Beauty Queens

Backyards, Bow Ties and Beauty Queens is a sequel to Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken and Lazy Dogs.  Bill offers another collection of more than 50 essays that explore his reflections on North Carolina and its people.  His warm commentaries – sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant – capture the essence of rural and small-town life in North Carolina.   Admittedly sometimes “semi-autobiographical”, Bill looks back on his nearly forty years of being a part of hundreds of community celebrations and the people he has met along the way.  He occasionally even resorts to poetry to capture the feelings that are at once individual and collective: funerals, festivals, church services and hunting expeditions.

The Eli McCorkadale Sales Company

The Eli McCorkadale Sales Company is an audio recording of a one-man play Bill produced. (“You’d be surprised how many people it takes to put on a one-man show!”) Eli is a “notions” salesman who travels the back roads of North Carolina during the 1950s. At each little country store he tells stories that he has collected, often assuming the role of the characters whose stories he tells. Among the stories are tales of the young man who buys snuff as a Valentine gift, the recalcitrant mule who sets his wagon on fire, and Eli’s Irish grandfather who urges his son to immigrate to America.Eli tells his story and even sings a song or two while entertaining his customers as he casually sells his wares.
Price:  $14.95 includes tax/S&H.