Dr. Mike Simpson Review

Bill Thompson has an innate understanding of the culture, characters and essence of the American South and possesses the remarkable ability to convey all that richness in his literature.  In the tradition of Faulkner, his novels embody the heart and the truth of those whose stories he tells– although Thompson genuinely seems to cherish those marvelous souls: the searchers and beguiling women, the preachers and the musicians, the soldiers and lawmen and the strange mystic.  To read his stories is to be transported into a time and place we could never imagine and from which we never had to leave.

Dr. Mike Simpson, Publisher

Indigo Sea Press

Celia Rivenbark Review

Bill Thompson’s gentle recollections of the real South prove that he understands one very important truth: For the best stories you have to turn off the paved road. This love letter (Backyards, Bow Ties and Beauty Queens) to a time and place could only be written by someone who understands the poignancy of a faded Merita bread sign on a rusty screen door. Thompson needn’t fret about the demise of the Southern gentleman as long as he’s still on this side of the dirt.”

Celia Rivenbark
Humorist and Best Selling Author

Jerry Bledsoe Review

“You don’t have to meet Bill Thompson to feel as if you’ve known him.  You only need to read his delightful books. Bill captures the very essence of North Carolina. And so many who love this state love him for it.”

Jerry Bledsoe
New York Times Best Selling Author and Publisher

Bill Ellers Review

“…A very classy, funny Southern gentleman. Bill takes us back to a time when life was slower and simpler and we spent time enjoying the simple pleasures. Our group just enjoyed him so much.  Much of our country heritage is being lost, but Bill is the man who can still bring it home.  I guess you could say he’s a country ambassador.”

Bill Ellers
National Association
of County Agricultural Agents